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A special guest post from Dr. Brad...

Dr. Brad It's been more than two weeks without a posting here cafesupporters, perhaps an unprecedented pause in the past 26 months since our Flandria Café patron raised the bar with his more than 250 posts...   The silence is perplexing given the time of year and all the action in the Ardennes.  Where's our targeted prose to help reconcile the seclusion of the Manxman since being dropped at La  Primavera... the tardy arrival of form for last years’ spring giant Philippe Gilbert on the eve of Liege... and the early season carnage of the peloton – F. Cancellara at Flanders, Schleck and Sagan at Brabante Pijl,  Leipheimer and Tony Martin blindsided by motorists while training?  We've seen some fresh faces on the top step of the podium this week at Amstel (Gasparatto) and  Fleche Wallone  (J. Rodriguez) but no sharp Irish barbs as to the whereabouts of the Spaniards (Friere or Sanchez), the Luxembourgers (Schleck x 2), or the Norwegians (Bossan Hagen or Hushovd).