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Greylock? You know. For Grimpeurs.

Last Saturday I enjoyed what has got to be the ride of the year. The Mount Greylock Century.   An event that despite being around since the 1970's, is one of New England cycling's best kept secrets. I say that because on almost any level you want to rate this low key open participation ride, Greylock and the surrounding Berkshires deliver the kind of experience true road cycling affiiciandos long for through long northeast winters spent riding a windtrainer watching video of Alpine Tour stages. Three big climbs....and a sting in the tail!   Now that's what I call a real bike ride (and a great T-Shirt too!) Big long climbs?  Check, give or take, it's got 10,000 feet of climbing.   Fast sweeping descents?  Arguably the two of the longest, most exciting, and fun descents in Massachusetts.   Quiet traffic-free roads?   You betcha, almost the entire route seems blissfully car-free.   Feed support?   Four well stocked stops that merge into the meal zone.  The T-Shir