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Rain, Oxygen and the Kings of Falling Leaves.

«‘Did Gaul ride so well in bad weather because he liked to suffer?’ ‘Well… during bad weather, a lot of oxygen is released.’ ‘But lightning and hail, for example, didn’t that perk him up?’ ‘Of course! Because he was able to assimilate a huge amount of oxygen.’ ‘Sure, of course. But wasn’t he a person who went looking for punishment?’ ‘Yes… but oxygen really played a major role. Oxygen! You see, Gaul was able to assimilate more oxygen than most people so when the weather was bad…’ ‘But didn’t you ever have the impression that rain and hail and that kind of thing gave him a sort of energy?’ ‘Absolutely! Because then there was more oxygen in the air!’ »                                                                                                         - Tim Krabbe - The Rider Sunday was one of those rides cafesupporters . No I'm not talking about Purito's ride in the Tour of Lombardy, although it did my heart good to see him win again in Lecco. Dan Martin was a fa