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Emerald Isle boys in the White Mountains.

Hello Cafesupporters: Been awhile... I know, I know... Contrary to popular myth, I didn't crash headfirst into a ravine, quit blogging or have a meltdown fueled by Affligem over-consumption and doping story fatigue.  No,, the explanation for the long vacancy is more mundane actually:  Professional day job overload.   You can relate, I'm sure.   I've always ascribed to Stephen Roche's oft stated belief:  If you're not a pro, then cycling needs to come after your real job, and your family. So racing was out this year.   Came down to either riding or blogging with the little time I had free.   Blogging was on the bubble and bumped from my free time activity grid. So it was a summer without racing... but not without riding of course!  Did get some great rides in during a family holiday to Mont Tremblant (did some great long steep climbs up in the Laurentians) and the usual rides with the local cafe boys around home.   It's been a great summer for the bike.