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Videos du jour: Rik van Looy

September.  Back to school jongens . OK, enough of this marginal gains, carbon fiber stuff.  Today's class filmstrip is a good ol' black and white, behind the scenes, old school metier -   lifestyle lesson from none other than the winningest classics rider of all time:  The Emperor of Herentals himself -  Rik Van Looy. Check out a great RTBF profile I found  here .   This was filmed in early 1964, so call it 50 years ago.  OK, it's in French...but a good video compilation-summary of the entire career of the only man to win ALL the classics.   Not even Eddy Merckx did that! I dig the opening clip of Rik training - likely filmed at his favorite winter-training venue -  Lake Garda.   A pedal stroke that exudes power and ease at the same time.  In the interview that follows he talks about 'twice-a-day' training rides, and piling on the km (starting with 40k in the morning and 40k in the afternoon and building from there) to get ready for the season.   4,000 km.

A hard labor day.

Just got back from doing 2 hours in totally gross high humidity.  Took the fixed gear bike to keep the legs turning on an easy flattish ride, just down the bay to Bristol and back.   Felt good, despite the need to put the rain cape on three different times.  You know, one of those old, clear plastic cheapo Italian rain capes.   Thing still works the gear . The last 20 minutes were in a massive thunderstorm.  We've been getting them off and on for the past three days.   The big labor day holiday weekend, and all crap, soupy weather.   Not complaining though... most of August was beautiful.   I climbed a last steep local hill that the deluge converted into a flash-flood like river bed.  Out of the saddle up a raging stream created an illusion I was standing still.   Time standing still: A good metaphor for today.  People want time to stop on Labor day, for tomorrow's the rientrato as they call it in Italy - the un-official end of summer.  Everybody back to business.    Maryan