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Fast Eddy's blog is back!

Happy New Year Cafesupporters! Welcome to the Wielercafe!  This blog is the new home of my old blog, 'Flandria Cafe'. After riding Race the Ras in Ireland back in 2014, my professional and personal life went into warp drive, leaving little time for blogging. Master's racing had to be shelved. The idea of commentary on pro cycling felt like another disconnected, inadequately informed voice weighing in.   Figured I'd rather spend my spare time riding.  Frankly, I ran out of things to say and just lost interest, so I took a break for awhile. Long enough for the Flandria Cafe registration to expire and someone else to snag it (!) Since 2014, I've been flattered to have many friends and blog followers reach out and tell me they missed the blog - particularly the old-school cycling history stuff, for which my passion is still alive.  In addition, some personal life changes, and some great cycling adventures with many friends who share our cycling passion have rekind