Photo of the day: A bulldog of flanders...

Today I had a 2 week-old (brand new) laptop computer crash, and die.   I spent too many hours at Best Buy getting a replacement, instead of working.   Forget about riding... lost training day today.  I should be enjoying this new Macbook.   I just see it as dollars that could have bought that power meter...

Despite the loss of productivity and aggravation dealing with chain stores and remote corporations whose idea of customer service is based on the 'greater fool theory' (e.g. when something goes wrong, get someone who can barely speak English to try to charge you as much as possible, and only retreat when faced with an almightly indignant rant), I can console myself that my day was not as painful as that of Walter Godefroot in this shot of him in full cry during his victorious ride in Paris Roubaix.  

I was definitely this tenacious locking horns at Best Buy today.   Walter would have approved.  Probably would have thrown in a few expletives to back me up.

Now, I'm catching up on work.   Miles to go before I sleep.   Miles to go to Roubaix.  

Can't think of the end.  Just put yer head down and keep going.


  1. Great pic, I'll think of this as I cycle to work tomorrow in the freezing cold!

  2. Mafac centre-pulls and handlebar end gear levers !!! those were the days !!!

  3. Great pic! I'm building a replica of this very bike. Anybody got a frame around 59cm?


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