Dima Weltmeister!

Congratulations to Flandria Cafe's favorite Belorussian, my CCB International club-mate Dzmitry Buben, who this past weekend defended his FIS-RSC Weltradsportwoche Championship last week in Deutschlandsberg, Austria.

Dima dominated the competition.  Criterium -1st. Eibiswald RR- 1st (2'25" up). Sprints -4th.   Hillclimb -2nd, Bad Gams RR 2nd (behind teammate Vladimir Beliauski), and Steins ITT - 1st.


(thanks to Barry Boyce for the report and photos)  

I first met Dima this past spring at the Blue Hills Road Race.  A tremendously nice guy.   And a ferocious competitor of true class.

I remember riding together warming down after that race;  one where Dzmitry attacked incessantly but to no avail - in the end frustratingly buried in a mass sprint.

As we chatted he lamented, "Where is my form?"

Well, looks like you found it Dima.

Поздравляю.  Congratulations.


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