Photos of the day - Montreal 1974

More Montreal nostalgia madness today.  This one is from the Amateur Road Race in the 1974 worlds.

Poland was an Amateur road racing powerhouse in the 70's, and they dominated this championship..the photo shows three of them at the front of the train.

Janusz Kowalski (2nd in line) was the winner, and defending '73 champion Ryzard Szurkowski (4th in line) was 2nd.  

The Polish team debuted 'screwed-and-glued' Alan aluminium framesets in Montreal that year.... they were considered radical exotic technology back then.

Those Alan's were noodles to ride.  Light, comfortable, and springy soft.  They were used a lot for cyclocross back in the '80's.  Alan supplied the Teka pro team in Spain, and their riders rode them for many years.

Not a sprinters bike you say?  Guess again.   Jackrabbit fast Flandrien and W.S.C. Torhout alum Noel DeJonckheere used to win sprints in the Vuelta on Alan's.   Yes, the same DeJonckheere who ran the Cycling USA U23 program  in Izegem (mentoring Farrar and Van Garderen among others) and is now operations manager for team BMC.  

Just goes to show, cafesuppporters, it's not the bike, it's the legs.    


  1. Masterful prose that helps us appreciate your love of this affliction we share


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