Flandria Cafe raid to Plateau de Beille

Our own roving rouleur, Tony T.  is over in France at the Tour.  Today he rode up to Plateau de Beille, putting an exclamation point on 2 weeks of midi sun, wine, cheese and bonne temps.   Here's his IM ride report...

"Decent was cold and scary cars people and bikes all over the road, did I mention cold? Decending through the clouds was phantasmagical, hands cramping all the way, but easier than going up! 

Suffered big time ,wish - had a compact crank 10 percent ramp way hard after 10K of climbing, had to stop and eat and hydrate, but made it all the way after. Went out with the Flanders boys for pizza and biere, rock band in the square. Totally amazing day, a dream come true"

Tomorrow he watches the big stage to the same summit finish.

Tony is one of our Flandria cafe originals, who defines our joie de vivre philosphy on life and cyclisme... an ex-alpinist climber who reminds me a little of Bernard Thevenet  in size, frizzy black hairstyle, and in the way he crushes big gears using his upper body for power.  Ton's a little short of miles and serious prep this year, but it didn't stop him from having a go at one of the hardest climbs in the Pyrenees.    Don't over think it, just get out and ride!

I'm a little jealous I'm not there to suffer up and have a biere with him.  Prochaine fois, j'espere. 

Chapeau Tony... et felicitations!   Safe trip back.  There's a bottle here chez Eddy which we'll drink over the complete saga...


  1. I rode up Plateau de Beille 4 years ago prior to L'Etape. There I heard the best description of it; Plateau de Beille is a parking lot at the top of a mountain.

  2. Tony, thanks for the pizza! ;)



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