Marblehead 3 - Blockhead 1

Well gang, 'Not-so-Fast Eddy's' comeback 2.0 got off to a crap start yesterday.

Got spit out the back at Marblehead after hanging in for ~ 1/3rd of the 1-2-3-race. Uggh. Diagnosis: Less weight, and more watts.

No excuses from this old dog, though. Just the butt-kicking I needed to motivate more work and culinary discipline.

On the bright side, my 'aerobics' felt ok from all the base work, but I need to get some 'top-end' back. Actually felt ok for about 5 laps, but then quite suddenly (!) the legs couldn't handle the jams over the top of the hill.

"More power captain!" Those skinny kids really put out the power - the standard is much higher than it was back when I was 'competitive.' I guess I have to expect to eat a little humble crow after 20+ years out of the sport, and any semblence of fitness.

I don't agree with friends and family who said that as a '50-year old' I shouldn't expect more. That I should just accept that I can't ride at that level anymore. I don't believe it...age is no excuse. No flippin' way.

Case in point: Anybody in Marblehead Sunday had to be totally impressed (and inspired) by my old friend and CCB teammate Tyler Munroe (left on the yellow bike). Pushing 50 and still drilling it at the front of the 1-2-3 race. Pure blooded Flahute.

I warmed up with Tyler before the race and had a slight inkling I might be in over my head (a big ring, whomping along 22 mph 'warmup').

Great ride Tyler... you're still 'de man'.


  1. Let me help you Eddy with this great excuse:
    Ty did not stop racing all these years.


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