De Pedaalridders: New cycling reality TV from Flanders.

Move over 'Survivor'.

Let's see, we've got reality TV shows for globetravel...

Finally, a competitive reality TV series about wielersport is set to air on flemish channel VT4, this Wednesday evening at 20:55 - De Pedaalridders.  Check out the trailer here.    It was only a question of time.  OK, in Flanders anyway...

The plot:  Two teams of regular wielertourist riders from two clubs (Forza Picasso and WTC Dazalgon) get some special training and preparation from coaches Johan Museeuw and Ludo Dierckxsens before taking on a challenge that looks a heckuva lot like this year's l'Etape du Tour to Alpe D'Huez.

It's a show that could only be made in Flanders. More evidence why it's the cycling capital of the planet..

Should be fun stuff.  Looks like they'll post episodes on their site... so check it out.

Ludo vs. Johan.. who's squad do you think will win?


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