A photo for St. Patrick's Day

Despite all evidence to the contrary, I'm here to report the Celtic Tiger is alive and well.

March 17 requires a photo of the quintessential Celtic tiger - Stephen Roche.  This one was taken in the '83 Tour de France, his first.   You've just got to admire the relaxed perched, split fingered hand position on the levers.   The early vitus-carbon Peugeot too.   I think this picture was the from the mountain TT to Morzine-Avoriaz.   Best part is the fighting Irish snarl.  

I did my best to imitate it this morning during six, all out 3 minute power intervals.  Went to my absolute limit on each one.  I didn't look anywhere near this good, but can relate to the expression.   I've earned a pint today, off to the pub.

Happy St. Patrick's day wielersupporters.  Slainte!


  1. Agree with your sprinters comments. When did you ever see Cippolini or for that matter Cavendish in a break! Pure sprinters seem to be a product of the last 10-15 years; riders who only win from staged team trains at the end of a race.


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