The Laatste Flandrien

Ijzeren Briek Schotte. Iron Briek.

De Laatste de Flandriens.

No words required.

Stick this great photo by Stephen Vanfleteren on your fridge.

Next time the weather's crap, your legs are dead, or you don't feel like going out to ride in the cold and rain, look at this photo.

Look into those eyes, and try explaining to him you don't feel like going training today...

When Briek passed away the morning of the 2004 Tour of Flanders, think cycling lost the laaste of its greatest generation?
No doubt.


  1. You need some comments.

    I'm down 23 pounds. Registered to teh LL Bean TT in Freeport.

    il Bruce may be back.

  2. Attaboy Brucie! When you hit 30 dinner O'Denis on me...
    Eddy O

  3. I love your depiction Albriek "Briek" Schotte, he WAS the “Laaste of cycling’s Great Generation”. I know you’ll know this but a Trivia Monday fact: He was on the Flanders podium more than anyone else. And not in the nice weather enjoyed by the current Ronde’s…


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