Photo of the Day: Now THIS is a Bike...

Hey cafesupporters... unveiling the Flandria Cafe team issue bike for 2011.   I'll take this over Schleck's Trek anyday.  The red guard is back.

Built it up over the weekend.   Tested on trainer, fits glove-perfect.  Flandria Competition carbon frame, 51cm. Belgian design.

Was psyched to find out that this racefietsen is just under 2 lbs. lighter than my old carbon Bianchi.  That with Campy record (alloy cranks) and clincher Campy Neutron wheels.  Schweeet.

Kudo's to Adam Longworth and our friends at Flandria bikes for the perfect modern interpretation adaptation of a classic wielericon. Can't wait till the the snow's gone and can get it out on the roads.


  1. Eddy - where do you get the Flandria frame in the States and you left out how much it costs?

  2. This bike is soooo Eddy!
    P.S. The Radio Shack kit you so admire matches the bike perfectly!

  3. That must be the other Ted (Furtado) posting that soooo Eddy comment - not me commenting twice - lol!

  4. Ted - You can order your own Flandria through BikeWorks in Swansea Mass -
    Ask for Bob, he'll hook you up!



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