Photo of the day: Wintertrainen.

"If you have to shovel snow off your windtrainer before riding it...then you just might be a Flahute."
Don't let the tattoos fool you... Matt passed the flahute test with flying colors.

Poor Matt.  He just couldn't take it anymore.

I'm not sure whether it was the Belgian beer last week, the incessant snowfall (still coming down) or pandemic-winter-in-a-bike-shop-cabin fever.

It doesn't matter.  The result was a massive powertraining workout that even our own 'Mike the Russian' would approve of.  Yes cafesupporters, Matt's transformation from 'Dude' to 'Jongen' is underway.   (Come over to the dark side Matt...)

Few more of these workouts and the smile should be gone, replaced by the requisite dour grimace Noel Fore would have approved of...


  1. Power training with a smile on?....scuzeme.

  2. Not only does he need a grimace, he needs to put it in the big ring!


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