29 degrees F...

...relatively balmy compared to yesterday.  Going out for the Fixed Gear bike for about 2 hrs dressed like I'm going on a moonwalk.

"Roger, do you read me Houston?   What's that coordinate equation again?"    

2H (39x16) + (no lunch) - (freewheel) = Wintertrainen!

In and around Boston, we call this a 'wintah-bike'.  


  1. Rick Hardy (Needham MA.)here from the BRC Been following your blog, Back in the day when you were racing in the 80's I was out running marathons. After heel spur surgery went over to bike racing late in my athletic career. Love your blog, in any event I noticed you rear light. I found a similiar unit on a ride on South Street in Needham. If you need a second unit and are ever in the area let me know as I can't use it without it's bracket.

  2. Looks a lot like a steamroller. Does that say fatties fit fine on the chain stay? I have a brown one...Let me know if you ever want a partner on these long fixed rides. Especially as the weather gets worse. Jeff.

  3. Eddy, you should be in fine shape for my Spring Classics (Hell of Hunterdon & Fools Classic); please contact me for the info.

  4. Hey, what kind of fenders are those? I'm in the market. Any suggestions would be great.

  5. They're SKS race blade clip on road fenders. available many places online for ~$50-$60.


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