Steel Flandria frames

For all you fellow retro-bike fans, at Velofollies show in Kortrijk, Belgium this weekend, Flandria just debuted two steel framesets:  A road and a track model.

Both made in Belgium from Columbus SL Niobium tubing, with chrome fork, chain stay and rear dropouts.   Only in flandria team red, of course!   Perfect for battling over cobbles or broken urban roads.

Pretty schweet.   Check out more photos here.


  1. Dear "fast eddy". I'm restoring a 1979 Team Flandria bicycle, a pro frame used by team rider Marcel van Der Slagmolen.
    Unfortunately, the previous owner has don lousy paint repair all over, so I will have to do a repaint. I'm having old fashioned paint mixed to match the original color, and I got new tube decals directly from Flandria.
    But, where on earth did you the really nice head tube badge I see on your photo???
    I would really love to put one one my bike too :-)

    Sincerely. Peter

    1. Hi Peter -
      I'd suggest contacting Adam at Flandria Bikes in the UK.
      Good luck w your restoration, and thanks for reading!


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