Photo of the Day: the Cauberg Colossus

On this blog, with my bias, could there be any other candidate today?

Photo: Bryn Lennon/Getty Images Europe
I called this one jongens.

Babe Ruth style, 'pointing at the fence.'  Not just calling the winner, but the way it went down... My email to friends last week asking for our picks for the WM said:

My money’s on King Phillip of Wallonia:  Gilbert. 

He flies away, up Cauberg last time up.   And a grateful Rhis buys him a vineyard.    Remember Saronni at Goodwood?   It’ll be like that.  

Now, if only I could pick the lottery numbers, I'd be all set...

Hey, what can you say about Gilbert?  That final attack was one of the best, most devastating seen at a world's finish in a long, long time.  

It was of course reminiscent of Beppe Saronni's 'fucillata of Goodwood' back in 1982, where he put what seemed like a light year into LeMond and Kelly in the final 250 meters.

After the year Phil has suffered, thought it was just fantastic to see him win it.   How many times when he was off the back in April, when he'd read the 'one-season-wonder' questions being posed in the press, did he maybe wonder to himself if he'd ever come back to the top?   You got the sense he never really doubted though.   Always good humored, smiling, resolute.   Kept his head down and focused, and kept working.  A example of self-believe and persistence.   A lesson to anybody who's going through a bad patch.  

Talent?  Rare, for sure.  Persistence?   A bit more rare.  Self belief?   Rare-issimo.  Hors category.

Chapeau Gilbert.    Can't wait to see that regenboogtrui on the Muro di Sormano....


  1. Sorry Eddy. In my opinion, the real colossus was Marianne Vos. She was the pre-favorite and did not falter like so many do. She destroyed most of her competition before the final lap. The way she rode away from the other breakaway companions on the Cauberg was amazing. This after pulling the small breakaway group for almost the full final lap with very little help. Olympic and world champion in the same year. What a lady!

  2. I stand corrected... you're absolutely right about that. Raas may have been the 'baas', but Vos is really the boss now! I completely agree with that editorial in ProCycling that said there's a true claim that Marianne Vos may just be the best cyclist ever! Thanks for setting this straight on that one!

  3. What I can't believe is that Lemond chased down Boyer in that video - what appears to be the final 1km or less.

    1. LeMond has said he knew Boyer was cooked and would never make it...and he didn't much like Jonathan anyway so...? With Saronni's "spunta" that day everyone else was racing for silver, just like last Sunday.

  4. Masterful performance by Gilbert. The Italians had it pretty well worked out but Nibali just didn't have the "spunta" of Gilbert. It'll be nice to see a guy in the rainbow jersey NOT hanging onto cars in 2013 as well as one generally thought to be free of doping issues.


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