Waar is Freddy?

Cafe regulars know that flahute and I are longtime, loyal Freddy Maertens superfans.

Freddy is still 'de beste.' ...Ole ole ole!!
Here's another reason why  (as if we needed it).

A new Vedett beer ad campaign-promotion in Belgium features cafe favorite wieleridol Freddy Maertens.

The concept? Have Freddy travel around Belgium in what looks like a cement mixer converted into a 'mobile bed and breakfast'.  Intercept unsuspecting passers by.  Talk them into a stay, with the former champion coming along as personal tourguide and party starter.  

Great tongue in cheek stuff.  

Here at the wielercafe, there's one thing we revere above all else, and that's a great champion who doesn't take himself too seriously.   Can you picture any other ex-World Professional Road Champion doing this?    Didn't think so.

Check out the video below.  I especially liked the part where Freddy reads excerpts from his new book 'A life in black in white' to two English tourists who don't have a clue who he is.  

Priceless, brilliant creative.  

The campaign has several other videos of him taking the fun on the road.  Watch them here.  Great stuff.

Vedett is a brand of the Moortgat Duvel Brewery group:  The parent company of my favorite Ommegang Brewery in Cooperstown, NY.  

Their Vedett Pilsener is not distributed this side of the Atlantic...  
Too bad, would really like a set of those Freddy Maertens bottles.

The promotional Vedett citybike isn't too shabby either.   Wonder how much bier you have to put away to earn one of those?


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