Lesson three: The leprechaun's tips for rainy Ras survival.

On your next stage race or tour, Alan strongly recommends following these old school survival tips.  

Sauso, brown bread and coffee for breakfast.
(Paul also recommends Weetabix)
At meals, always core out your rolls.  The dough makes you fat.

It's not the price of your gloves.
It's how well they keep the water out.
(Brian bought Alan these highly technical non-Assos
gardening gloves in a hardware store in Galway)
Pack your bike in a hockey bag to avoid the airline
surcharges.Just remove fork and crank, wrap it well
and you're good to go.   Don't forget to tell the
girl at the check in counter it's 'stuff for a trade show'.   
Always take a short digestive walk after dinner.
(A glass at Sean's Bar in Athlone,
the oldest pub in Ireland, is optional)
Shoe covers.  Every day.  Leg warmers too.
Keep your pistons warm.
As soon as you stop, change, stay warm and sleep as
much as you can.A pro knows that wet clothes are
deadly, and that a tour is won in bed.  
Always carry two rain jackets.
And get adept a putting them on and off,
and in and out of your pockets at 25 mph.

Dopo corsa, put on a hat and warm loose shoes
and zero in on free hot coffee and sambos
like a heat seeking missle.

Always fully re-hydrate immediately after the stage.


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