Lesson two: Stay dry my friends.

When you're on the Ras, and it rains everyday, life gets stripped down to the most basic needs in Maslow's hierarchy.

In cold and damp Ireland, it's all about dry clothes.  So in hotels without laundry service, a little improvisation and ingenuity is in order.

This is the Philip Cassidy - Paul McCormack approved system for stage race laundry recovery.  An immediate sink wash. Wring out in a rolled up towel.  Then the piece de resistance...
Cassidy & McCormack Laundry Solutions, Ltd.   Don't try this at home. 
A 20 Euro blow heater, set up in our hotel room closet.  Worked like a charm all week.

We had to take turns in shifts hand-wringing out the excess every few hours and shifting stuff around, but this was a lifesaver.


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