One crazy weekend at casa Moser.

How to become a cycling champion?  As the old adage says, 'choose your parents well.'

In a little-reported-in-the-English-press footnote to this year's Paris Roubaix, the world got to see the international debut of another rising up-and-comer who won't have much trouble ticking off the 'superior-genetics' box.

 In the same-day-as-the-pros Junior race, in 36th place just a few minutes out one can find a certain Ignazio Moser riding for the Italian national azzuri.  Yup, you got it - the teenage son of 3 time Roubaix champion Francesco Moser.  (Check out the results here - there were two Americans in the top ten with Texan Lawson Craddock in 3rd.)  Papa Francesco was there at the finish to embrace the latest star from the extended Moser dynasty.    

Unfortuantely, the family mood at the Moser household went downhill as fast as Francesco used to descend the Poggio.  Next day, 'cecco' was back home choping wood outside his farm in Gardolo when he was struck near in the face by a flying piece of wood, nearly taking out his right eye and necessitating a trip to hospital.     (Note to self... wear eye protection when chopping wood or using the weed whacker)

Flandria Cafe predicts a great career for Ignazio.  If you ever saw the hill he has to climb just to reach their family home in Palu di Giovo outside Trento, you'd understand why I'm so confident you'll be hearing this name a lot.  It's miles up and up through vineyards - just to get back home.   Same village as Giro winner (and Moser in-law) Gilberto Simoni.  Terrain that helps even big guys like the Mosers climb like nobody's business.

Junior racing needs a boost here.  You go to the races, and it's all old guys.  That boost should includes more coverage in the cycling press.  When I was a Junior back in the seventies, the top riders got front page billing.  LeMond, Bradley, Demgen, Kiefel, Grewal, Hampsten:  America's future stars were getting ink from age 16 on.   Every big junior race got a story.  Now with a Lance primed plethora of American pros to cover, the teen espoirs don't seem to get written about.  

Can you name the top 5 juniors in America right now?   We'll try to follow junior and U23 races and post some interesting stories to help rectify that situation.  

Oh, and Cecco - best wishes and get well soon!  


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