Position Perfect: the Photo of the Day

A style masterclass, courtesy of...Maitre Jacques Anquetil, circa 1957.

Toes down, keeping pressure on and pulling back throughout the full pedal stroke past the 'dead spot', turning a big gear as steadily as a metronome.

Torso solid as a rock, with all the power emanating from the titanic strength of a lower back that never so much as sways.

A horizontal and perfectly aerodynamic back, this despite the fact that the stem is only a 1-2cm lower than the saddle.

Bent relaxed arms, elbows in.  Relaxed hands and wrists pushing ever so slightly against the curve of the bars for more leverage and stability.

Eyes fixed on the road 10 meters ahead.

Immense concentration.



  1. Yes...That is maybe perfect TT, breakaway, position.

    You gotta be looking deep for that image.


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